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A Fast Look at the High Tech Manufacturing of R&S Rifles

There is no room for error or second guessing at the Ritter & Stark facility in Feistritz, Austria. Every step in the rifle production process is highly calculated using some of the world’s most precise CNC machinery. Our barrels are no exception. Unique to Ritter & Stark, our barrels are processed in a CNC controlled electrochemical machine. This process allows for a uniform production of our match-grade barrels in both fluted and bull-barrel configurations and greatly limits any mechanical stress or the transmission of thermal effects on the barrel, making it stronger and more accurate. This process is so advanced that Ritter & Stark has patented the ECM barrel rifling process.


Throughout our facility you’ll also find a team of highly skilled experts and engineers controlling our space-age equipment to create the highest level of rifle performance. The exceptionally skilled team is part craftsmen and part engineer, using the latest in technologies and materials to produce the SX-1 Modular Tactical Rifle, the new benchmark in rifle accuracy.

A Fast Look at the High Tech Manufacturing of R&S Rifles

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